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A Menu for Mother’s Day Brunch in Bed

Whether you’re celebrating your mom or another mom figure in your life, we have the perfect menu for a homemade brunch in bed. Notice we said BRUNCH – let your mom sleep in until 11am! Our moms give us so much on a daily basis, and this is a great way to treat them this Mother’s Day.

A Sweet and Savory Spread

First up, let’s talk muffins; we’ve got two kinds for you to choose from. Our Stout and Rye muffins pack a chocolate punch if you’re craving some deep, dark flavors. Or, if you want to treat your mom with some earthy, nutty goodness, check out our recipe for Walnut and Date Buckwheat muffins.  

Next, we’ll save the waffle vs. pancake debate for another time, but I think we can all agree that Waffle Pops are such a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Also, it’s a universally acknowledged truth that any food is just better on a stick. Just whip up your favorite waffle mix (I used this one), add your preferred toppings, and pop it on a stick! Here are some of our favorite combinations, but don’t be afraid to invent your own:

  • Peanut butter and fresh blueberries 
  • Dark chocolate, strawberries, and rainbow sprinkles
  • White chocolate, pistachio, and chocolate sprinkles (I can’t help myself, I love sprinkles)

Remember, this is a brunch, so all manner of foods are fair game, and a sweet and savory mix is a MUST. Our Scotch Egg Breakfast Salad packs a savory punch with a plethora of greens – it’s like nothing you’ve ever had! Pair with our roast potatoes for a filling spread. 

Beverage Options – Only the Best for Mom!

What brunch in bed would be complete without the best coffee Michigan has to offer? We’ve spotlighted a number of our favorite roasters from around the state – choose your favorite and treat your mom to a great cup of joe. Hot tip: making coffee at home is so much better when you grind your beans just before using them!

Finally, we’re pretty sure that mimosas are synonymous with brunch. See below for two great ideas for Michigan-made mimosas made with wine from Mawby, Michigan’s only and oldest sparkling wine house. 

brunch in bed mimosas

Dig out the meal tray and treat your mom to a wonderful, lazy brunch in bed (or at least a half day). Cheers to all the moms and mom figures in our lives – the pet moms, the friend group moms, and the wild crazy aunties – it certainly takes a village! 

Mawby Mimosas Two Ways

Mawby Mimosas Two Ways

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Treat your mom to Michigan bubbles with Mawby Wines, made right here in Michigan! Their “Us” brut sparkling is perfect for these mimosas. 


Honeycrisp Mimosas

  • Mawby Us brut sparkling wine
  • High quality apple juice (I found a honeycrisp juice that I loved for this)
  • Demerara sugar, for garnish
  • Apple slice, for garnish

Orange Mango Mimosas

  • Mawby Us brut sparkling wine
  • High quality orange mango juice (I like Simply Orange)
  • Whole strawberry, for garnish


    Honeycrisp Mimosas:

    Moisten the rim of a fluted champagne glass, then twirl the top of the glass onto a small plate of demerara sugar to line the rim. Fill the glass half-way to the top with sparkling wine, then top off the remainder of the glass with apple juice. Garnish with an apple slice. 

    Orange Mango Mimosas:

    Fill a champagne glass half-way to the top with sparkling wine, then top off with orange mango juice. Press a strawberry onto the rim to garnish.

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