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Gettin’ Down on Pi Day: Metro Detroit Pizza Pies for All Personalities

When it comes to pizza, New York and Chicago have typically gotten all the love. But Michigan has played a major role in our country’s pizza culture. Finally, we’re starting to get the credit we deserve. Detroit-style pizza is having a Moment, with Pizza Hut adding this option to its menu, Buddy’s restaurants popping up everywhere, and recipe writers from around the country trying to recreate its crispy, cheesy goodness. See for yourself – google “Detroit style pizza recipe” and count how many posts come up. Metro Detroit pizza places have been especially popular.

Nationally, Michigan holds a big slice of the corporate pizza market, with Little Caesars, Jet’s, Cottage Inn, and Domino’s all founded and headquartered here. While these chains are the most-well known, they certainly don’t encompass all Michigan has to offer on the pizza front. 

In honor of Pi Day, we’re rounding up some Metro Detroit pizza places that we especially love. Whether it’s their unique spin on classic pizza, their must-try sides, or their sheer deliciousness, these places have some serious pies that you won’t want to miss. 

Our Must-Try Metro Detroit Pizza Pies

For the beer lovers: Motor City Brewing Works (Detroit, MI)

This one is Rebecca’s top pick. In addition to delicious brick oven pizza, MCBW brews their own beer onsite (Ghettoblaster is their most famous one) so you can enjoy the classic pizza and beer combo. But it gets better. The taproom has a rooftop patio and a mini beer garden, so you can have your pizza and beer outdoors. And everyone knows outdoor drinking is Michigan’s favorite pastime. Their pizza menu has a ton of variety, from classics like Margherita to more adventurous options like Roasted Pear & Fig. 

For the mad scientists: Pie-Sci Pizza (Detroit, MI) 

As someone who finds it difficult to settle into routines, Chelsea loves that you’ll never have the same thing twice at Pie-Sci, located just off the campus of Wayne State University. At this joint, pizza is simply a canvas for a world of delicious combinations. Not only do they have weekly specials, their pizzas shift with the seasons depending on what’s available. They even grow some of their own ingredients during the warmer months and serve breakfast pizza on Sundays. Pie-Sci is great for vegans and vegetarians as well. Also, PUNS. With pizza names like “Ghallaba the Hut” and “Cheddarkenny,” where can you go wrong? Visit this pizza laboratory for an unforgettable experience. 

For the DIY-ers: PizzaPlex (Detroit, MI)

PizzaPlex is a community-minded pizza place in Southwest Detroit. They make great brick oven pizza that you can eat in a beautiful backyard space. They’re family-friendly but also have a pretty solid cocktail menu. But what we’re REALLY excited about are their Pizza Kits. These kits give you everything you need – toppings, crust, and instructions – to make awesome pizza at home. Each kit has enough for two 12-inch pizzas, and there are even vegan and gluten-free options. 

For the adventurous eaters: Pizzawala’s (Canton, MI)

The Indian Desi pizza that you never knew you needed. Pizzawala’s has lots of different pizzas made with Indian ingredients. They also have side dishes (the Masala Chicken Wings are soo good). We’re obsessed with the Chili Paneer pizza – it’s the perfect blend of spicy and cheesy. 

For the high rollers: Sportsman’s (Wyandotte, MI) 

In addition to making quality pizza, this Downriver institution has the friendliest and most welcoming staff, so it’s always a delightful visit. Their pizza is noteworthy for its fluffy crust and spicy sauce. But they also offer a unique menu item – their famous pizza rolls. You can get the original with pepperoni or switch it up with additional toppings. This is a perfect lunch spot and great place to grab some pizza when you’re downriver.

For the pizza purists: Supino Pizzeria (Detroit, MI)

This is just straight up good pizza. In fact, Christi would argue it’s the best pizza in Michigan. Supino’s is situated right in the heart of Eastern Market, meaning they have access to high-quality ingredients from the farmers who sell in the market. With a good variety of both red and white pizza, plus some simple salads for starters, there’s something for everyone. It’s hard to recommend just one pizza because everything is so good, but the restaurant’s namesake, The Supino, is a nice place to start. 

NOT for the vampires: Tomatoes Apizza (Oakland County, MI) 

Two words: Garlic. Bread. This bread has literal chunks of garlic all over it. Garlic bread aside, Tomatoes Apizza makes Neapolitan-style brick oven pizza, something you don’t find super often in Michigan. They keep things simple with high-quality, classic ingredients and pretty limited pizza options (in the best way – the small menu means everything is top-notch). If you can’t decide, they offer a Naples Sampler which has four pizza flavors on one big pie. This is what Christi would recommend, especially if it’s your first time. 

For dip addicts: Two Guys Pizza Pies (Livonia, MI) 

We all have our own local favorites, right? Where you know you’re going to have a great experience every time? Two Guys is Chelsea’s go-to when she doesn’t want to venture further afield. This is a great place to try the Sicilian deep dish – the ancestor of the Detroit-style pizza. (Listen, all of us Michiganders just grew up calling it “square” or “deep dish.” The term “Detroit-style pizza” didn’t come around until recently.) Anyways, the real star of the menu is their white cheese dip, served with their breadsticks, which will keep you coming back every time. Chelsea also particularly enjoys the cheddar broccoli bites, and they have some killer white pizzas as well. Check ‘em out if you’re passing by! 

What did we miss?! We’re always looking to expand our pizza horizons. Let us know your favorite spots! 

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