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Detroit Bakery Sister Pie Makes Magic Out of Buckwheat

Ancient grains have so many possibilities. There are quinoa salads and farro bowls, and all kinds of options for nutrient-packed meals. Then there’s the baking. We’ve been making a lot of muffins, with flavors like chocolate and rye and walnut and date. We’re still fairly new to the world of ancient grains, but some people have this down to a science. The wonderful staff at Sister Pie are some of those people. These Sister Pie Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies showcase buckwheat flour at its finest. 

The Big-Hearted Bakery

How lucky are we to have Sister Pie right here in our backyard? Founded by Lisa Ludwinski (one of our favorite kitchen witches), this little bakery is doing big things. Their menu is to die for. Their signature salted maple pie is a must-have, and you can’t skip the whipped cream. Plus, they have an always-changing, seasonal selection of savory hand pies, salad, soup, and more. So a perfect spot for lunch, or breakfast, or second breakfast, or anything in between. Not only that, they are community-minded, with a triple bottom line approach that prioritizes people, planet, and profit. 

If Sister Pie is not an easy drive from your house, don’t fear! The Sister Pie cookbook, which came out in 2018, features many of their classic recipes that you can re-create at home. The instructions are clear and easy to follow (and if you need a little extra help, the SP team often hosts virtual demos, but sign up quickly – they sell out fast). Like the bakery itself, the cookbook offers a variety of recipes. There’s pie, of course, but there are also salads, scones, and much more. 

The Sister Pie Buckwheat Magic

These Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies fall into the “much more” category. In my previous forays into buckwheat, I only substituted a portion of all-purpose flour with buckwheat flour. These cookies are much more forgiving. They are made entirely with buckwheat flour, which provides a perfect base for the chocolate. The flavors go together beautifully. 

You can find the recipe online, but I would strongly encourage you to get yourself a copy of the Sister Pie cookbook. It’s worth it for this recipe alone, but there’s so much more goodness in the book. You might even be surprised – one of my favorite salad dressing recipes came from Sister Pie! With an eye on the community and serving up sweet, savory, and everything in between, we’re proud to share our love of this local gem. And next time you’re in the mood for chocolate chip cookies, leave the AP flour in the pantry and give these buckwheat beauties a try. 

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