About Us

In folklore, kitchen witch dolls bring luck, joy, warmth, and cooking success to the kitchens where they live. The Mitten Kitchen Witches are three women who embody the kitchen witch spirit, honoring the women who came before us and their traditions while embracing food as a means for bringing people together and spreading a little magic along the way. 

We are native Michiganders who love our state and want to share and celebrate all it has to offer, from its wonderful seasons and the different foods and opportunities they bring, to its local farmers, growers, sellers, and makers, to its diverse ethnic makeup. We hope we will inspire our fellow Michiganders to explore their communities, and encourage those outside of Michigan to find their own local gems and seasonal foods – and of course, to come visit and see first-hand why we love it here! 

Our recipes are rooted in local, seasonal offerings. They are meant to be shared with family and friends and paired with good drinks, like one of Michigan’s many craft beers or ciders. They are meant to be eaten around the table with a fire going in the winter, or on the patio after a long day of hiking in the summer. They are meant to enhance the occasions that define our lives, from holidays to engagements to football Saturdays. They are meant to bring warmth, joy, and luck, just like the kitchen witch.

About Christi

Hi! I’m Christi. I live in Westland with my husband Jimmy and cats Boo Radley and Nagini. I learned to cook in my grandma’s tiny Southwest Detroit kitchen, where she would pour spices into my palm to throw into a dish – the only measurement system she has ever used. I think food should be as simple and seasonal as possible, but most importantly I think it should be shared. My favorite foods are bagels and s’mores (I’m a purist – don’t come at me with your Reese’s cup s’mores) and I’ve never met a pinot noir I didn’t like. I love Michigan so much, I have the state outline tattooed on my back. My favorite places to visit here are Greenfield Village and Pictured Rocks. I’m obsessed with Halloween and with fall in general – and there is nothing in the world like fall in Michigan!

About Chelsea

Hallo! I’m Chelsea, your quintessential September child! I know everyone goes ga-ga over pumpkins in autumn, but I am a lifelong cider mill devotee, and I think the humble apple deserves its due. Also, what month is more hygge than September, when you can enjoy a good book with blankets galore, as well as great company by a cozy fire? My taste was cultivated in Southeast Michigan, where my three brothers and I were raised on a horse farm, running wild and eating summer corn, green beans, and peppers from the garden (along with a fair amount of Hamburger Helper). I’ve been fortunate to travel around the world but I always come back HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior, anybody?). The Great Lakes State is such a special place, and where I get up to heathen hijinks with my Slavic bear of a husband and three fur children. Currently, food is my main creative outlet, and I rarely make the same recipe twice.

About Rebecca

Hey! I’m Rebecca. I’m a creative person and designer living in Southeast Michigan with my son and dog. Despite my Eastern European and Upper Peninsula roots, I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life. Growing up nearby my grandparents, I have fond memories of cooking with my grandmother. I’ve tried a little bit of everything when it comes to homesteading, including making my own beer and raising chickens (just for the eggs!), and I’ll admit to a slight obsession with poultry animals. I like to know where my food comes from, and I especially enjoy eating vegetables, fruit and herbs fresh from the garden. These days, I strive to teach my son about sustainability, gardening, and making healthy food choices. In the summer, my bee colony keeps me busy and curious. Bees are fascinating creatures that all contribute equally and work harmoniously – what a great model for us humans to follow!